123 HP Laserjet Enterprise M506N Setup

HP Support Laserjet Enterprise M506n

123 HP Laserjet Enterprise M506N Printer has a capability to scan your files to network folders, USB, email, and cloud with a pre-loaded business app. It has tons of interesting features like Front USB Flash drive port, automatic document feeder, scan to email, optional high-capacity trays, and print from the mobile device.

Here, we are the trusted and authorized place to get Laserjet Enterprise M506N Printer installation which includes everything and anything about M506N Printer right from connectivity, troubleshooting, unboxing, and driver installation.

123.hp.com/ljm506n printer has fantastic key characteristics like Google Cloud Print, USB, wireless, HP ePrint, and HP ePrint Mopria.

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123 HP Laserjet Enterprise M506N Printer Unboxing Setup

If you are a newbie to use M506n printer then you no need to worry because we are here to provide instructions for printer unboxing. We provide complete step-by-step procedures for printer installation. Initially, unpack your printer parts and connect it to make it as the whole system. 123.hp.com/setup Laserjet Enterprise M506N Printer is the authorized and professional place to get printer services. To unbox your printer, follow below steps like:

  • Unbox Laserjet Enterprise Printer
  • Link up to the power cord
  • Laserjet Enterprise Software installation
  • Ink cartridge installation
  • Load paper into the input tray
  • Finally, take a test print

123hp printer unboxing

123 HP Laserjet Enterprise M506N Support and Services

As everyone knows, dealing with Laserjet Enterprise Printer is not easiest task as you think. During printer setup, you must have instruction that might guide you in successful installation. In such kind of situation, visit 123.hp.com due to our wonderful customer support service. We guide you with Printer support and services for connecting to the power supply, unboxing, and installing the printer software.

Printer Setup

To M506N Printer Setup, you must perform the First-Time installation to get high-quality of printing documents. Our teams are here to assist you with the setup process.
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Driver Install

After the printer unboxing, try to download driver to your 123 HP Laserjet Enterprise M506N Printer. Download and install your printer driver from 123.hp.com because we provide updated version of driver.
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Wireless Setup

If you want to make use of Laserjet Enterprise Printer, wireless setup option is the best options. It is the complete task so you can use manual which avail on 123.hp.com/setup Laserjet Enterprise Printer.
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Connectivity Setup

If you successfully download and install your driver, then you can establish connection based on your needs. We Offer excellent assistance to Printer installation.
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Wireless Mobile Printing

Majority of the HP Laserjet Enterprise Printer support wireless mobile print option. This feature is beneficial to print your document from Smartphone, Tablet or Android device.
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Suppose you come across come glitches or error when you handle your Laserjet Enterprise M506N Printer. Our experts provide awesome assistance to fix your printing related issues.
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123 HP Laserjet Enterprise M506N Wi-Fi Direct Printer Setup

With Wireless Direct or Wi-Fi option, you can establish the direct connection with the Laserjet Enterprise M506N Printer to device without using access point or router. However, WPA2 required in the Wi-Fi direct but not in the wireless direct. Both feature have maximum of five devices which connects to your device.

123 hp wireless direct setup

123 HP Laserjet Enterprise M506N Wireless Direct

Actually, HP Wi-Fi direct is quite similar to the Wireless direct in HP Laserjet Enterprise M506N Printer. Somewhat, it has minor difference to establish the P2P wireless connection.

Tips to Setup your Laserjet Enterprise M506N with wireless direct follow these Steps

  • Initially, connect your M506N Printer with the Wi-Fi Direct.
  • Make sure that your computer connected to the 123.hp.com/laserjet m506n printer or home network.
  • Similarly, switch on your Wi-Fi at your Printer and connect it to the Wi-Fi direct. Otherwise, connect to other hotspot or Wireless network. Suppose you choose Wi-Fi Direct, then it might not ask for any password.
123 HP Laserjet Enterprise M506N Wi-Fi Direct

If you want to establish the connection between your printer and device, then you don’t require the access point or router. This means the direct 123.hp.com/setup Laserjet Enterprise M506N wireless connection established.

To initiate connection with the wireless direct

  • Firstly, connect your device with the HP Wi-Fi Direct.
  • To check, whether your system connected to the home network or printer, print it your document.
  • In your Wi-Fi device, connect to the Wi-Fi Direct. It is like connect your hotspot or wireless network.
  • If necessary, offer your password to the wi-fi direct which utilizes WPA2 security. This helps to establish the connection without entering any password.

123 hp wifi direct setup

123 HP Laserjet Enterprise M506N Connection Setup

HP Laserjet Enterprise M506N Printer is having unique types of connectivity setup options. This includes USB Setup, wireless setup, and wired setup. To initiate the printer connection setup, add your M506N Printer and try to set connection type based on your needs when you want to set it as the wireless or Ethernet.

123 HP Laserjet Enterprise M506N USB Connection Setup

  • Initial M506N Printer Setup should be done properly. After that, turn on your printer and be sure that it is in the ready state.
  • After that, get a USB cable which helps to connect your system with printer. Recommended to avoid usage of the docking station or USB hub as it might depreciate a connection.
  • Visit 123.hp.com/setup Laserjet Enterprise M506N and download the exact driver by choosing your printer from the printer list.
  • Suppose you can’t able to find your printer, go to the HP Customer Support -> Driver and software downloads. After that, look for your printer model.
  • Finally, your M506N Printer is completely ready to scan, copy, and print your documents.

123 HP Laserjet Enterprise M506N Wired Connection Setup

  • Before setup wired connection, make sure that you have appropriate software or driver for Laserjet Enterprise Printer.
  • If not, download the one which is conceivable to Ethernet or Wired connections.
  • Sometimes, you might acquire a prompt like “Lets identify your Printer to get initiated. Tap it and enter Laserjet Enterprise M506N again and look at the operating system details.
  • Likewise, you must have router, switch, and available Ethernet ports.
  • In case you don’t have Ethernet Cable then get that one.
  • At last, connect your M506N Printer with the switch and network router.

How to change from a USB connection to Wireless Network

You can effortlessly change your wireless network from the USB connection. Do you have any troubles to change USB to Wireless Network? We are here to end your worries. Connecting your 123.hp.com/setup Printer wireless is more convenient which you can print directly through other systems.

123 hp wireless setup

  • To change it to the wireless network, choose open finder and tap the application. Afterwards, setup your Printer Software and driver.
  • Now, you can select the option as convert a USB connection to the Wireless from a Printer Setup Window.
  • In case any Windows recommends you to connect USB, check whether it is already connected to the USB or not.
  • Remember one thing; Software might automatically read your network details like password and SSID.
  • To conclude, 123 HP M506N Printer must connect wirelessly. Remove USB cable from your system.

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We Provide Clients with the Highest Possible Level of Support and Services through the Online Support.
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123 HP Laserjet Enterprise M506N Printer Troubleshooting

Printer might not work for many reasons. But, troubleshooting Laserjet Enterprise Printer is necessary one to get top-notch printing documents. Here, we provide handy user manual to get step by step procedures to fix your printing related issues. Our experts have many years of experience to fix all errors.

123 HP Laserjet Enterprise M506N not connected

  • If your printer not connected properly, re-install your Printer software by following www.123.hp.com by following install and setup steps.
  • You must install an exact set of the software based on the HP Laserjet Enterprise M506N Printer.
  • If prompted for a network type during the driver installation, choose wireless or USB based on your needs.
  • If you plan to choose USB connection and it asked to connect it, then only connect your USB. Now, check whether your printer connected or not. Still, you find any printing issues, then you can get immediate support from us by visiting 123.hp.com because we have talented team.

123 HP Laserjet Enterprise M506N How to change ink

  • You are always advisable to use genuine HP ink cartridges to get perfect yield output.
  • Once the ink finished, must to replace your ink cartridges or else you can’t able to get quality documents.
  • After that, change ink into a cold cartridges but it is not mandatory to do this step.
  • To refill the ink cartridges, buy ink from the trusted computer store and place it via the small hole which presents on a top of ink cartridge.

123 HP Laserjet Enterprise M506N Printer Validation Failed

If you get a message like M506N Printer validation failed or can’t able to validate printer, then follow the below On-Screen Steps like

  • There are lots of reasons there that can’t recognize your printer or validate your Printer.
  • In your computer, look for the 123.hp.com/setup Laserjet Enterprise M506N Printer and driver.
  • Look whether your printer added or not, if yes, discard it.
  • Make sure that you have proper driver to enter your Laserjet Enterprise Printer and install it.
  • If possible, try to print some document or photo to check whether you fix your error.

123 HP Laserjet Enterprise M506N Paper Jam

  • First and foremost, check whether error occur in the multiple areas of your Printer and try to spot it.
  • After that, clear paper ham from ink cartridge access area as well as paper tray area.
  • Get the ink cartridges door by both sides of your printer and make sure that your cartridges moves freely.
  • Look at the flashlight to see to any objects or paper which works as hindrance.
  • Suppose your printer paper stuck on right side then move it to the left.

123 HP Laserjet Enterprise M506N Reset

  • Restoring a factory-set default might return all of your network settings and printer to factory defaults. To do it, switch on your Laserjet Enterprise Printer.
  • Choose 2-line control panel and this step might vary based on the type of your printer control panel. Press OK from your printer control panel.
  • If you have touchscreen control panel, then choose setup button from home screen on your control panel.
  • After that, open a service menu.
  • Other steps are there to reset your Laserjet Enterprise Printer or else take support from the 123.hp.com because we provide reset related support to our clients.

123 HP Laserjet Enterprise M506N Windows 10 Driver

  • Try to visit 123.hp.com/setup to start windows printer utility software from us for HP Easy Start.
  • If needed, enter Laserjet Enterprise M506N Printer ad you might look for the exact driver for your printer.
  • If not, visit 123 HP Customer support and in search bar, you can enter your M506N Printer. If you seek for OS version then change it by pressing Yes.
  • Finally, install and download based on the procedures.
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